Cookie Pops (like cake but not)

Cookie Pops (like cake but not)

These are the yummiest little sweet treat! I like the idea of cake pops but I had to make them with cookies because DUH..that's how I do. I used our chocolate chip cookie dough but it would work well with any flavor cookie dough. 


6 baked eatpastry cookies

1/2 vanilla frosting of your choice (I have a recipe on our website that I use frequently)

2 cups white chocolate (dairy free if you want to do it vegan like me)

sprinkles! and sticks of course for the pops


1. Bake cookies. 

2. Mix cooled cookies in kitchen aid mixer or with hand held electric mixer with the frosting. 

3. Form into balls, place on plastic wrap or parchment paper and put in freezer for 15 min. 

4. Grab the sticks and place them in the center of each ball. Put back in freezer while you melt the white chocolate. 

5. Using a double boiler (meaning water in one pot with a smaller pot with the chocolate in it), melt the white chocolate slowly. It can burn easily. 

6. Remove from heat and dip each ball in the white chocolate coating it completely. Roll each one in sprinkles. 

7. let set and yum! You can store them in the fridge until ready to eat. They last for days.