Football Cookie Sammies

Football Cookie Sammies

Perfect for game day!! ..or if you like football inspired snacks.


1 tub choc chip cookie dough, baked into cookies per directions on package 

1 pint of ice cream of choice, I used Oatly vanilla 

1 cup dark chocolate chips

1 Tbsp coconut oil

vanilla frosting (for piping) 



1. Bake cookies and let cool

2. Fill cookies with ice cream and put in freezer.

3. Melt chocolate with coconut oil on double broiler til melted.

4. Remove sandwiches from freezer and cover with the chocolate mixture. Put in freezer to harden up.

5. Remove from freezer and pipe the lace stitching on the sandwiches to make them resemble footballs. 

6. Store in freezer until ready to eat! These are SO GOOD! Full video on instagram if you want to see more visuals.